Toyota OEM "TOP END" Tune-up/Oil leak fix

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Everything you need to tighten up the top end of your 1FZ! Plugs, seals, gaskets, the whole hog.

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Everything you need to give the top end of your 1FZ what it deserves. Replaces:

  • Spark plugs
  • Spark plug wires
  • Spark plug tube seals
  • Distributor cap
  • Distributor cap dust seal
  • Distributor shaft o-ring
  • Rotor
  • PCV
  • PCV grommet
  • Throttle body gasket
  • Valve cover gasket

With all new, all OEM parts. Your top end will be good for another 10 years!

NOTE: different plugs are recommended for forced induction applications. Contact before purchase if needed.


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