Our Story

We met in college and started down a path of renewable energy racing as we pursued our mechanical engineering degrees. By the time we graduated, we had created a race team, built relationships with excellent sponsors and set up a motorsports shop.

As business partners, we got our start as founders of the non-profit group Greenspeed Research in Boise, Idaho. Greenspeed Research hit the national stage as we set multiple land speed records with our custom built, renewable energy, truck in the C/DT class at El Mirage and the Bonneville Salt Flats.

We spent years designing and building the custom high performance solutions we needed to break records and showcase our passion for renewable energy in one of the most trying environments for cutting edge applications: racing.

Racing proved to be the ultimate test of our fabrication and design techniques and sharpened every skill set used to create the Delta VS product lines.

As outdoor enthusiasts, we were raised in the Rocky Mountains. We have learned to build solutions for all seasons, terrains, and temperatures. We have been racing down the surface of the salt flats in blazing heat, 4-wheeling through fall mountain trails, camping in the desert & driven over treacherous winter mountain passes. We climb, hike, hunt, and do all we can to preserve and protect the environment we are in.

The Crew

Patrick Johnston

Product Development

Originally from Monterey Bay but raised in Idaho, Patrick has a formal education in Mechanical Engineering and comes from a custom building and fabrication background. He played a critical role in achieving the build of the World's Fastest Vegetable Oil Powered Vehicle. Patrick donates time developing and running programs to provide students with hands-on learning opportunities to encourage higher education in the STEM disciplines.

Dave Schenker

Business and Product Development

From Idaho's Wood River Valley, Dave brings a custom building & metalworking background. With a formal Mechanical Engineering education, he is a builder of race vehicles and holds the World Record for Fastest Landspeed of a Vegetable Oil Powered Vehicle at 209.091mph and fastest C-engine Diesel Truck at 219.411mph. He is a respected leader who donates time to development of STEM learning opportunities for the next generation of engineering students.

Adam Coryat

Lead Fabricator

Jackson Schuler

Lead Machinist

Robert J Wagner

Drafting Extraordinaire

Careers at Delta

We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for our team and their passion for what we do. We all love the outdoors, exploring and protecting this planet, and working hard every day to drive the 4x4 industry further. Think you'd be a good fit? We might have a spot for you. Check out our current job openings and see if there's a place where you can apply your skills with us.

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Be the change that you want to see. Build the vehicle of your dreams to be unique, stay safe, and take your adventures further than they've ever been before. Tag us on Instagram, use the hashtag #BeTheDelta, and share your favorite outdoor experiences with the truck of your dreams.