Toyota OEM Lock Cylinder SET

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Full lockset is no longer available, get the second best thing right here!

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Repin glovebox and rear hatch locks
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Toyota no longer sells the full cylinder set (ignition, both front doors, glovebox, and rear hatch), but the ignition and both front doors are still available (all keyed separately). That is where this kit starts. We get a stack of these in the shop and pair up the closest keys, then get busy disassembling and rebuilding the tumblers based on the ignition cylinder key (those are much harder to rebuild, involving destructive adjustment), until the ignition and doors all match and operate with the same key.

Comes with OEM tag and an extra key blank so you can have new keys made any time at the dealership.

If you lock your glovebox or rear hatch on a regular basis, you will want to carry both keys.

For $50 extra, you can send your glovebox and rear hatch locks and get them re-pinned to match your new key/lockset.

---PLEASE NOTE: if you choose this option, your lockset won't ship until about 1 business day after we receive your lockset.---


All 80 Series

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