MagBak-MagSafe-RAM phone mount

MagBak-MagSafe-RAM phone mount

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RAM Mount - 1" ball - Hex Post - 1/4-20
91-94 Clock Replacement Accessory Mount

The DeltaVS MagBak-MagSafe-RAM (MMR) phone mount and charging station is perfect for securing and charging your phone, all while providing easy in-n-out access if you're always grabbing phone to snap pics on the trail or getting in and out of your vehicle while delivering pizzas/etc.

Our one piece design makes it super stout. 3D printed from PETG filament, it will provide many moons of service.

This mount is designed to work specifically with the MagBak brand of phone cases THAT ARE ALSO MAGSAFE COMPATIBLE, available here:

These compatible cases are for:

iPhone 12 and newer

Samsung S23 and newer

Google Pixel 6 and newer

MagBak cases are super unique in that they have embedded magnetic strips in the case. These allow you to stick your phone to your fender/door/console/any relatively flat metal surface. Great for working on your vehicle, etc. They also come with extra magnetic strips that pair up to the case for a high level of retention. Our mount couples that system with the MagSafe charger for even greater magnetic retention, safe for the roughest of roads.

In addition to our mount, you will need a MagBak case for your phone, one MagBak "MagStick" (two are included with each case), a MagSafe charger (available on amazon here), and finally, a way to attach a RAM ball (if you have a 91-94 Land Cruiser, our clock replacement is a great option!)


1" RAM mount accessories

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