91-94 Clock Replacement Accessory Mount

91-94 Clock Replacement Accessory Mount

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Make the 80 Series clock useful again with this 3D-printed RAM ball attachement

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RAM Mount - 1" ball - Hex Post - 1/4-20

Designed to fit the 91-94 80 Series dash perfectly, this gives you the ability to securely attach all kinds of things to your dash. The design incorporates easy access pass-throughs at each corner for cable routing options.

Works seamlessly with RAM ball for secure, NO SPIN mounting. Will not loosen over time.

A two-piece assembly that includes all the mounting hardware, with option to include appropriate RAM ball.

Install requires removal of the upper dash piece to remove OEM clock and replace with this mount.

NOTE: RAM ball not included with mount, must add above


91-94 Toyota Landcruiser

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