Toyota requests part numbers to bring back into production

Toyota Motors has put out a request for part numbers to bring back into production. If you own an 80 Series, it is your DUTY to fill out the form as many times as needed to bring your 80 back up to snuff. These vehicles were designed with a 25 year part replacement cycle, which means we are just past the first cycle. This is unprecedented in the automotive world. Nearly every other vehicle ever produced (on the consumer end at least) is designed with a10 year LIFE in mind, the 80 is supposed to be rebuilt every 25 years, three times. These beasts will be around for many years, if Toyota keeps up their end of the deal.

If you own an 80 Series, and don’t fill out this form, you might just wake up with a severed horse head, with a little Delta carved into its forehead…

Link to form:

You may not have a list of part numbers you’ve been pining over, so if you need to borrow some, see below (do some digging, or send requests to update this list to

Body/Interior, 91-94:

Cluster, finish– 5541160010

Grey dash - 5531160350B0

Brown dash – 5531160350E0

Dash pad,grey - 554016001003

Dash pad, brown - 554016001006

Dash pad,grey - 554016005003

Dash pad, brown - 554016005006

Carpet, grey - 585106012312

Carpet, brown - 585106012348

Carpet, brown - 585106012006

Carpet, grey - 585106023212

Carpet, grey - 585106023003

Carpet, brown – 585106023006

Rear glass, blue– 6813160121

Rear glass, blue– 6813160290

Rear glass,grey – 6813160151

Right front flare (color will vary) – 5308760904

Left frontflare (color will vary) – 5308860904

Right reardoor flare (color will vary) - 6106160901

Left reardoor flare (color will vary) – 6106260901

Left rearflare (color will vary) – 6106460903

Right rearflare (color will vary) – 6106360903

Lock cylinderset - 6900560330


Electrical, 91-94

Headlamp, RH – 8111060394

Headlamp, LH– 8115060214

Heater core – 8710760130