Hello World

We at Delta Vehicle Systems want to say ‘Hello World!’

We are a team of engineers, racers and custom vehicle & accessories builders.

DeltaVS is Patrick, Jen and Dave and we all met while in college for science and engineering. Since then, we have been working together bringing high performance vehicle systems to the race track, off-roaders, and the daily grinders.

Patrick is known for his ingenious designs and a penchant for precision. He created much of the custom high performance parts for a world record setting vehicle while studying mechanical engineering. From bumpers to custom suspension kits, even his jigs are beautiful.

Jen is our custom upfitting and metal working woman. She has been a race team crew chief, wields power tools, welders & soldering irons. She is our certified installer for Adventure Wagon RUV kits for Mercedes Sprinter Vans.

Dave specializes in systems design and outfitting. He drives and builds race vehicles, obsesses over creating the beautifully simple solutions to design goals (and the perfect TIG weld bead), and is a total diesel engine nerd - from diesel conversions and custom engine swap interfaces to compound turbo systems.

Together, we have taken records on the salt flats, participated in and launched programs to engage today’s youth in STEM education, and now bring all of our obsessions and experience to the world through various products and services.

We make products that support the vehicle enthusiast market. We have always, and will always, encourage your feedback for new and existing products that make your driving world better suited to the outdoors, your high-speed and backwoods adventures. Our company, Delta Vehicle Systems, brings you quality performance vehicle accessories, vehicle upfitting, and vehicle outfitting. Every product is designed and built in Idaho, drawing from our experiences growing up in the mountains, dirt, salt and sand.

Because the three of us grew up off-roading on two and four wheels, horseback, and go karts while covered in dirt as we explored trails in the mountains, surfed in the tropics, hunted, and even made a few robots - we know full well that smart and adventurous people need tools that function well and can take a beating for a loooong time. And now that we are grown, we want those things to also look great. That is where Delta Vehicle Systems comes in.

We design all our own products for off-road rigs and can even build custom rigs (preferably involving diesel). From the simplest shelf bracket to store your sleeping bags, low profile bumpers, custom suspension, to an entire land speed or baja race vehicle. As Dave once put it: “We bleed gear oil, have welding rods for bones and see the world through CAD drawings.”

You can see our growing line of products, order parts, request a solution, or just join our mailing list here: https://www.deltavs.com/sign-up. Track us o Instagram via @deltavehiclesystems. Thanks for taking a second to get to know us and keep an eye out for upcoming products!

If you’re ever passing through Boise, Idaho PLEASE get ahold of us for a shop visit.