Delta Vehicle Systems 100-Series Bumpers Are Here

We at Delta Vehicle Systems are proud to officially announce our signature front and rear bumper additions to our 100-Series Land Cruiser product line! Two years of modelling, prototyping, strength testing, and getting the perfect fit have finally paid off.


This was a much anticipated release and our team worked tirelessly. We couldn't be more proud of everyone involved and to bring them to market to all you 100-Series owners.

As most of you already know, one of the earliest products Delta Vehicle Systems built was our front bumper for the 80-series Land Cruiser. We were thrilled with the huge response and incredible feedback from the cruiser community. Riding the success of the front bumper, we later introduced the modular rear bumper, enabling 80-series owners to customize and equip their trucks in more versatile and unique ways and look good on the trail.

Since then, we have ramped our processes, grown our team, and prepared our shop for higher volume while maintaining the Delta high standard of quality.


As an introductory offer, we are selling the first batch of bumpers at 2018 80 Series intro prices.

Note: Once this batch is gone, we will be raising prices to reflect the industry-wide hike in raw material costs over the last 12 months. We don't like doing it but we refuse to source lower-grade materials.


The introduction price of the 100-Series for each bumper starts at $1949 for the basic model.


About The Front Bumper

This bumper may look very familiar to fans and followers of Delta Vehicle Systems. We took the model and styling of our popular 80-series bumper and adapted it to fit the lines of the 100-series.

This 100-series bumper:

●     Fits the 9.5k and 12.5k Comeup Winches with ease with multiple mount points for additional lighting or accessories as you need

●     Has the option of None or Full grille guard styles

●     Heavy duty recovery points with easy access when you’re bogged down.

●     Optional Baja Designs off-road lights

●     Optional Comeup winch (and get it pre-installed)

●     Optional Factor55 winch accessories for a complete package

●     And of course all the other advantages and features of the 80s-Series front bumpers


As with all of our products, the bumper is manufactured by hand, right here in Idaho. After each step of the cut, weld and powder coat processes, we quality check the entire product.

The grille guard and accessories will increase the cost accordingly. We are still working on a permanent financing solution, in the meantime we support PayPal and PayPal Credit if you would like to finance a purchase.


The Rear Bumper

Similar to our front bumper approach, the rear 100-series bumper is an adaptation of our popular 80s-series rear bumper upgrade. Our modular rear bumper is one of the most loved products we’ve ever built. It has always been our goal to build a bumper that would be easy to use, secure and stout, and have an incredible fit with tight tolerances.

●     The standardized mounting pattern on the swingarms allows you to mix-and-match over a dozen different attachments including 2 35” tires, propane and cylinder mounts, NATO cans, hi-lift jacks, ladders, and a lot more. This mounting pattern also makes it incredibly easy to swap out components to match each trip or expand/upgrade over time.

●     Keep extra fuel with you for those longer excursions or bring two spares when you’re heading out to Moab.

●     Our proprietary latch mechanism prevents accidental swing outs while driving, and makes it easy to open and close swingarms with one hand.

●     Heavy duty recovery points with easy access when you’re bogged down.

●     And of course all the other advantages and features of the 80s-Series rear bumpers

Wrap up

As always, all of our bumpers come fully powder coated with a two layer coating process for the most protection possible, detailed step-by-step instructions, all the hardware you need, and awarranty to last the life of the vehicle.

We typically only ship freight to the contiguous United States and Canada. We certainly can ship internationally, but it can get expensive. Local pickup in Garden City, Idaho is always encouraged.

Send an email to if you have any questions or concerns before ordering.