Stickers, patches, and gear to represent Delta in the off-road community.


Lightweight, strong, steel and aluminum wheels. Featuring brands such as Method Race Wheels, ICON, and Battleborn


Performance lighting to keep the roads lit and your adventures safe.


Springs, shocks, and full sespension systems for vehicle lifts. form Icon, Fox, and OME.

Off-Road Accessories

Winches, safety equipment, communications, and more to keep you traveling further without worry.

RB Components Panel Bed Window Trim

New, open box


C.R. Laurence sliding windows

New, open box


OME 885-X front springs, new, open box

Never installed, get 2.5-3" of lift for your 4Runner or Tacoma


OEM Sprinter interior parts

Almost new take-offs from installs

Delta Patch



Toyota OEM 80 Series Rear Hatch Weatherseal

Rear carpet wet? This will fix you up!


Toyota OEM fuel door spring

Did yours flip out years ago??


Toyota OEM E-Brake boot/cover

Easy to replace, makes every rig look a little nicer!


Toyota OEM plastic DIESEL fuel cap kit

Your conversion isn't REALLY done until it has some of these babies!


Toyota OEM door handle covers

Yours is probably cracked, huh?


Toyota OEM shift assembly boot

Do you have mystery dirt in-cab? It's probably coming from this thing!


Toyota OEM inner fuse panel cover

Where the HECK did that thing go??


Toyota OEM Fender Flare gasket

These things are NICE!


Toyota OEM plastic vapor barrier

Keep the water where it should be!


Toyota OEM Hood Insulation Clips

Are yours old and decrepit? Do you need to re-insulate your hood?


Toyota OEM Fusible Link

Cheap insurance so you're not stuck on the road


Toyota OEM Battery Tray hardware kit

You might not need it, but we have it for you


Toyota OEM 1991-92 Battery Tray

Perfect to set-up a dual battery system in your FZJ80 or LX450


Toyota OEM Center Console Latch, plastic hinge

Good chance your latch is broken, get a new one here!


Toyota OEM Center Console Latch, metal hinge

Good chance your latch is broken, get a new one here!


Delta Customized Toyota OEM washer fluid reservoir

We have sourced an OEM washer fluid reservoir for FJ80s and added our touch.


Toyota OEM Door Switches

Don't go digging through a junkyard to find old garbage, just grab these freshies!


Toyota OEM Differential Locker Switch

Get locked up here!


Toyota OEM Radius arm hardware

For your new Delta Vehicle Systems radius arms (or any time you remove your stock ones)


Toyota OEM bushings for radius arms w/ install

New, OEM Toyota bushings installed in DVS radius arms


Delta Patch