DeltaVS HD Tool Carrier

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Carry all your essentials in one spot with super easy access to all the pockets

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Our tool rolls are designed by us and made by a military contractor. Our design comes from using the bags on many trails, in many junkyards, garages, and driveways.

Made from heavyweight Cordura fabric, nylon webbing, and a metal buckle, it is made to outlast your tools.

Two of the key features of our tool roll is all your tools are accessible from one side (no zipping and flipping to get to your box-ends and pliers), and there is plenty of extra room to wrap stuff up in there and carry out.

Some of the features include:

  • 4 large zippered pockets to hold whatever you want, each with a Velcro strip for included blank labels
  • 2 rows of Velcro closure pockets for long and short things (pliers, etc)
  • 1 row of box-end wrench pockets with Velco flap to keep them securely in place
  • 1 magnet pocket to keep small items (nuts, bolts, 10mm sockets, etc) from getting misplaced while you're working
  • 2 heavy duty plastic D-rings on the wrench flap so you can hang the tool roll on your wall and have access to all tools. Good for the garage, etc.
  • 5 blank Velco backed labels inlcuded. These are so you can label each of the zippered pockets. Helps when someone else is helping you, or you can't remember where you keep your tools. If you need more, we have packs available separately.
  • Stiff rubber tube is locked in place in each handle, for comfort


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