DeltaVS Frame Supports - Weld It Yourself Kit

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Plasma-cut and bent, ready for you weld onto your frame.

The inner plate is designed for you to first weld around the tubes on the inside of the frame, then fit the plate around those welds without needing to do anything else.

The outer plate is designed for you to weld the inside of all holes (as well as the perimeter), then sand/grind flat so steering gear box is fully supported against the frame at the bolted connections. Depending on the welds, it might also be a good idea to chase the holes with a drill bit to make sure the bolts can pass through ok.

Due to manufacturing tolerances of vehicle frames, you may have to slightly bevel the plates to clear OEM welds, etc

Fitment note: the 3FE left engine mount makes it basically impossible to add a support plate, so the inner plate gets left off if you select 91-92


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