DeltaVS 4130 Rear Lower Suspension Links

DeltaVS 4130 Rear Lower Suspension Links

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The absolute BEST 80 Series rear lower links on the market, bar-none

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- Rear Link Bushings
-OEM Rear Lower Link Hardware KIT

These links will not bend. If you bend one beyond usability while wheeling (not getting in an accident), we will replace it.

Made by multi-pass, back-purged TIG welding 1.75" 4130 tubes to CNC machined 4130 bushing retainers, these are the absolute stoutest rear lower links you can by for an 80 Series. They truly are #racecarshit, built the same way a trophy truck is built.

The bushing to bushing retainer clearance is tight, do not attempt to install your own bushings without a good press.

These ship with no coating of any kind. Once you receive them, you can finish them however you like (oil, clearcoat, paint, Steel-it, etc).

Somebody is bound to ask "but why are they stock length??" Because when flexed out with 35" tires, stock length lower links are already pushing the back of the tire into the back of the wheelwell, that's why. If you install longer lowerlinks you WILL get significant tire-sheetmetal interference. Pinion angle should be adjusted via adjustable upper links if you have the need for adjusting things.

If you need non-stock length, we can work something out via email. Custom length links will come with custom pricing, so expect that.

Made in USA of USA stamped material.


91-97 Toyota Landcruiser

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