80 Series Switch-Pros 9100 Mount

80 Series Switch-Pros 9100 Mount

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Everything you need to mount your Switch-Pros 9100 under the hood

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- 80 Series Switch-Pros 9100 Mount - SCREW TERMINAL BLOCK ADD-ON
Switch-Pros 9100

THE cleanest way to install the brains of your SP9100 securely under the hood of your 80 Series. Download instructions below to read about the two different ways you can set it upĀ (#1 using a screw terminal block OR #2 just butt-splicing the leads directly). We like the easily expandable method of a screw terminal block, but accommodate the folks who don't like that approach.

Everything you need to mount the underhood components is included in the kit, mounting the switch face inside the vehicle can be handled in many ways:

  • Our shifter consoles have a few available faceplates that directly accept the Switch-Pros head unit, see them here (scroll down to the bottom for pics)
  • Wits End has a mount for the ashtray of 95-97 rigs, seen here
  • Roll your own mount

We also have made the screw terminal block and necessary hardware available as an add-on, choose from drop-down above.

You can now bundle a Switch-Pros 9100 WITH the mount!


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