3rd Gen 4Runner Panhard Drop Bracket

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Get rid of that rear end wiggle!

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The 4Runner Panhard Drop Bracket brings the same idea as our FJ80 Panhard Lift Bracket to the Toyota 4Runner. A popular suspension lift option for ‘96-’02 4Runners is to swap the rear coil springs with the stock front springs from a ‘91-’97 FJ80. This nets about 4” of lift in the rear, which works quite well with a long-travel front suspension kit.

When lifting the rear 4”, your panhard geometry is altered to the point of being almost unusable/dangerous.

In an ideal world, your panhard bar will be near flat at normal ride height. This allows up/down axle travel without introducing any side-to-side movement. Our bracket will get your geometry back to this nearly flat ideal!


This is specifically for 96-02 4Runners.

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