17"x9" Method Race Wheels 312, Matte Black

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17" x 9" Method 312 Race Wheels for increased lead ratings and 17-inch tire options.

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Sized with just the right backspacing for your 80 Series. Increase your tire options with a slightly larger 17" inch wheel.

  • Solid A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment construction
  • Tough 6 windowed point design with debossed METHOD logos
  • Street-Loc V.3 lip with undercut simulates true beadlock wheel
  • Replaceable MRW stainless steel lip bolts
  • Strong 2500 lbs. to 3640 lbs. load ratings


Fits all 80 series Toyota Land Cruisers and LX450s. The increased wheels size will require a larger tire if you're still running 15 or 16" OEM wheels.

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