100 Series Panhard Drop Bracket

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Get rid of that rear end wiggle!

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The 100 Series Panhard Drop Bracket brings the same idea as our FJ80 Panhard Lift Bracket to the later model Land Cruisers. If you still have AHC installed, you do not need this bracket. If you have removed that system and upgraded rear springs, you will benefit from the multiple height adjustments this bracket provides. Any lift from 2" to 5" can easily be accommodated by this bracket.

You can read about the benefits of correct panhard geometry here: https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/delta-vehicle-systems-panhard-lift-bracket-3-5.1085308/

In an ideal world, your panhard bar will be near flat at normal ride height. This allows up/down axle travel without introducing any side-to-side movement. Our bracket will get your geometry back to this nearly flat ideal!

PLEASE NOTE: you might need to grind a tiny bit of your frame (does not effect structural integrity) to fit the bracket, download the instructions below to get an idea of installation process.


This is specifically for 98-07 Land Cruisers

Additional Downloads

Installation Instructions