Land Cruiser

Secure Fuel/Water can enclosure

$ 349.00 USD


Whether it's gas, water, diesel, or chowder, don't let the baddies get into it!


Our NATO can holder is the most secure way to carry your extra fluids. Designed from the ground up to keep your NATO cans easily accessible as well as fully secured. The latching door has a cutout to accommodate the Frontrunner Outfitters Plastic water jerrycan filler (available here). The latching mechanism includes a lock pin to keep accidental opening, and has provisions for you to easily padlock the enclosure for complete security.

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  • Captive rivets
  • Slotted holes for ease of adjustment and location


  • Universal fit
  • Hole pattern matches our rear bumper swingarm for ease of install without the need for adapters
  • Will easily bolt or screw to any flat surface and remain functional (inside/outside your trailer, etc)


  • 100% stainless and aluminum construction to withstand the harshest environments

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