Ladder cover, rear bumper

$ 269.00 USD


Too much stuff to fit inside? Add our hinged ladder cover to your arsenal!


Buy this stand-alone, or pair it up with a ladder here

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  • Only 5 pounds
  • DeltaPattern holes for mounting just about anything, including Rotopax mounts
  • Built in, adjustable limit lines so you can fine tune the swing out distance
  • Riveted construction for easy rebuilding, buy it for life
  • Utilizes the same locking latches as our NATO can enclosures


  • Designed to fit the DeltaVS rear bumper ladder (80 Series, 100 Series, all of them)
  • Hole pattern matches our rear bumper swingarm and ladder standard hole pattern for ease of installation in many different configurations
  • Slotted mounting holes means you can install it at any location across a swingarm, in combo with many other accessories


  • Made from stainless steel and aluminum for long-lasting performance
  • CNC lasercut and CNC bent for long-lasting precision
  • Aircraft blind sealing rivets used throughout for long-life, clean looks, and ease of rebuild

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