Colder than a ...

The Delta team is spending the winter in the Rocky Mountains at the Delta Shop. Much to our appreciation, a couple guys from the Wood River Valley opened Push & Pour, a skate-themed coffee shop literally next door to us. This means endless caffeination and an excellent winter spot to take social breaks since it is much too cold to dip our sticks in the river just down the block.

We have completed modifications to the giant jig table we used to build out a biofuel trophy truck cage and chassis. The table now has hundreds of drilled and tapped holes ready for mounting the Land Cruiser Front & Rear Bumper assembly jigs. The landspeed truck will get tucked away into storage for a couple months as we prep for spring events and design more products for Delta and our Versus clients.

In the mean time, Jen is working on some details for this year's Overland Expo. We plan to caravan to the expo and see what you fellow adventurers are up to this year and do a little showcasing ourselves.