FJ/FZJ80/LX450 Panhard Lift Bracket - BLEM



Fix your rear end wiggle!

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This lift bracket levels out your panhard bar after you have done a lift to prevent the typical wandering of the backend. It is common after a lift in the Land Cruiser to get a ‘darting back and forth’ movement that makes you constantly correct your steering as you drive.

The panhard lift bracket fixes this problem by re-aligning the panhard bar to its factory configuration. If you want to dig a little deeper and understand how this solves two problems, while an adjustable panhard bar only solves one, there is some reading here on ih8mud.


We now only offer this high clearance version of the bracket, which has added support on the back side and added clearance on the front side. It will work with all springs.

The 5” variant will interfere with your frame UNLESS you install bumpstop extensions or are running tires large enough to act as bumpstop extensions. The 5" bracket should ONLY be used for lifts of at least 5.5" .


All 91-97 Toyota Land Cruiser and LX450s.

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